[Conducted by Terje Hoiland, translated by Geir Aamo.]

Browsing my way through the Strutter web site one night, I was pleasantly surprised to see new Norwegian AOR/melodic hard rock band Silverspoon get a 9,5 out of 10 review. Downloading 4 of the band's songs from mp3.com, I was greeted with an excellent '80's AOR sound, mix with that 90`s Power melodic rock somewhat reminiscent of Pink Cream 69, Conception ,not to mention some Tnt hints here and there.

I was later able to track down Silverspoon singer Nils K. Rue for a  telephone interview.

Rock of Norway : So, what can you tell us about the Silverspoon album "Sink or Swim"?

Silverspoon / Nils K Rue : We financed the album ourselves, and it was released in April '99. There was, however, never any real promotion or distribution of the album, but with reviews like the one in Strutter, maybe we will see a change in this. We are also getting some interest from record labels for the album.

Rock Of Norway: What are your further plans with Silverspoon?

Silverspoon / Nils K Rue : Well, Silverspoon has changed name to Pagan's Mind, and the album "Infinity Divine" by Pagan's Mind will be released the 16th of November on the Facefront label. Former bassist Oeyvind Vang has also been replaced Steinar Krokmo, and we have added a further guitarist, Joern Viggo Loffstad.

Rock Of Norway : Any musical changes from Silverspoon to Pagan's Mind?

Silverspoon / Nils K Rue : Pagan’s Mind will still stick to the melodic side of hard rock, but with more uptempo songs, similar to bands like Edguy, Hammerfall and Labyrinth.

Rock Of Norway : Can you tell us a bit about the background of Silverspoon and Pagan’s Mind?

Silverspoon / Nils K Rue : It all started with the band Sunset Strip and the album ”Stripping Time” back in ’93 (see review elsewhere on this website), which then developed into Silverspoon circa ’94/’95, and then finally Pagan’s Mind in ’99.

Rock Of Norway thanks Nils K. Rue for the interview, and wish him the best of luck with the Silverspoon and Pagan’s Mind albums. Check out the Strutter website www.angelfire.com/ma/strutteraor/ for the brilliant Silverspoon review, which we wholeheartedly support. This will become a classic album, and is worthy of a high score review from Rock Of Norway as well.